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Project Pollyanna

 is a community that focuses on how to harness your energy as a powerful creator to usher in an inclusive, safe, and kind future. Get glad and be part of the solution to our current social dilemma.   


Frequently Asked Questions

Pollyanna was a character in a fictional book (by the same name) written by Eleanor Porter and published in 1913. 

Google would have you believe she was excessively cheerful and unrealistically optimistic. 

However, the primary characteristic of Pollyanna was her curiosity. 

Her life was full of trauma, turmoil and tragedy. Against this backdrop her Father taught her the Glad Game; a game that required creativity to explore whether or not there was anything about any (seemingly) terrible situation that she could be glad about. 

This reframe allowed her to process and integrate the dark in a way that created a beautiful future. 

Want to play? 

Heck no!
If you are in a human body and know your soul is seeking more, this project is for YOU!

The Project includes access to both an exclusive membership site (with LIVE monthly Zoom calls and downloadable resources) and a private community (think Facebook, but only waaaaay better).

Participate as much or as little as feels right to you. The BASICS will take you just a few minutes a day. 

Just a FEW of outcomes of the Project: 

  • Feel clear and calm amidst chaos by learning energy shifting techniques
  • Act consciously from a place of love (no matter the situation) as you become an observer and leave the judge behind
  • Inspire and connect with others (regardless of their opinions/beliefs) as you adopt a lens of non-polarity
  • Have fun (come on, who couldn’t use more of that?) by tapping into your reason for being

Probably the BEST News to be GLAD about: This Project focuses on how to harness your energy as a powerful creator committed to an inclusive, safe, and kinder world. This means you are liberated from trying to "find the truth" or convince others of the "truth" you believe (whew! doesn't that feel good?).

Project Pollyanna is based on these basic premises:

  1. The most valuable truths to seek are who you are, and who you are meant to be
  2. Everything is connected (yes, the energy you bring - how you FEEL - is important to the collective)
  3. The key to healing (yourself and the world) is unconditional self-love
  4. Every decision stems from either love or fear (yep, only two choices)
  5. We have the power to create a better tomorrow (it’s going to be ok!)
  6. Viewing the world through the lens of non-polarity is the only way to go
  7. Being in a human body is meant to be fun!

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