I’m a catalyst for change, helping people tap into their divine happiness (not to be confused with fleeting pleasure), and showing them how to use it as a compass to discover their life purpose.

My current passion project:

The Happy Doc Student Podcast – a show that blends academic wisdom with esoteric insight to help doctoral students find clarity in an often mysterious process. Yes, you can graduate with their sanity, health, and relationships intact. 

Curious as to how I got here?

I’m a first-generation college student, born and raised on the beaches of SoCal. I rollerbladed to my undergraduate courses at SDSU, where I received my B.A. in Psychology. A Ph.D. (Social/Developmental Psychology) from Brandeis University followed (no, I didn’t bring my skates – the campus and weather were not conducive!).

I have over two decades of experience in higher education. My favorite things? Teaching stuff people think they don't want to know (like statistics); mentoring students and faculty through the doctoral process; and hanging out with fun, smart, and open-minded peeps.

I have held positions that include: Professor; Chair, School of Psychology; Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Vice President, Academic Affairs. I don’t share that to impress, but rather to explain why I left academia  - I was the proverbial boiled frog. The harder I worked, the more work I found to do. I was on a path that was sure to lead to my demise when I got the devastating news that the father of my 8-year old twin girls had died in an accident.

I left my full-time position in academia to follow my intuition and explore who the heck I was and why I was here. Five years (and counting!) of learning about topics that I had previously considered “off-limits” for a research scientist (e.g., energy psychology, Reiki, akashic records, TM, etc.) lead me found the Expand Your Happy! Movement.

This Movement connects like-minded people seeking ways to optimize their time here on planet Earth by simply living life more joyfully. We believe if everyone were happier, the world would be a much different place (don’t you?). 

Think about it: When you are happy, life flows with grace and ease. Your relationships are more harmonious, you are calm, you are more likely to experience optimal health, your thoughts are clear, you have more energy, you sleep like a baby, and you can set and reach any goal your heart desires. Best yet: When you are happy, your life purpose becomes crystal clear. In short - when you are happy, your experience of reality changes for the better.


If you are into nitty-gritty details, check out Episode #1 (My Story - Extended Dance Version) in the Happy Doc Student Podcast (popcorn optional).

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