Energy goes where you pay attention and what you intend (consciously or not) creates the end result. Researchers (e.g., Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, the HeartMath Institute, among others) continue to create evidence that:

• We are not our genes
• The electromagnetic field and corresponding power of the heart is undeniable
• We have way more control over our healing than we ever imagined possible
• There really is something to this idea of the unconscious mind running the show

Energy Psychology acknowledges a basic concept: Your life is energy. People who practice this work typically teach you how to use this knowledge as power.


We are energetic beings. You are more energy than you are anything else. This idea is difficult for our human brains to grasp but stay with me here and let me explain why this is so important to your happiness. You emit an electromagnetic field (this is why things like an EKG work). This field extends out a few feet around you and is why you can “feel” someone’s energy.

When someone is emitting a high frequency, we say things like: “She has a good vibe.”  Conversely, when someone is emitting a low frequency we say things like: “There’s something about her that just feels off.” We have experiences where someone walks into a room and it suddenly feels heavy. Or, perhaps someone walks into a room and it suddenly feels light. This is because we can feel someone’s energy (sometimes called frequency or vibration), just the way they can feel ours.

This brings us to the next important concept:

“Like energy attracts like energy.”

What this means is that whatever emotion you are emitting (or vibrating) will attract more of the same – like a bee to honey. Stuck ruminating about something that makes you feel horrible? You will get more of the same. Ever have one of those days, weeks, or months where nothing seems to go right? This is why. I realize this may be hard to accept; I know it was for me (but stick with me because once you truly understand this, things get really fun!).

Let’s bottom-line this one more time: if you are stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, you are calling in things that will keep you in that state.

It really is that simple.

Understanding that like energy attracts like energy is exactly why creating and living in a state of happiness is so important: If you are happy, then things will appear in your life that will continue to make you happy. This allows you to be focused and calm and live life in a purposeful way, rather than just treading water and going through the motions, barely managing life’s daily tasks.

Your emotional state creates momentum in your life. Think of a snowball at the top of a hill and then watch it rolling down the hill, growing bigger and bigger as it does. The snowball can either be happy or not. If it is happy, as it rolls down the hill it picks up more and more things that add to that happiness. If it is not, well…it picks up more and more things that don’t.

Cruel joke or empowering information?

The work I do as an energy psychologist encourages people to view this as incredibly empowering. As a certified Restoration Therapist I bring clients through an intensive, in-person program (described in detail below). I have synthesized my experience with this work and adopted techniques that can be taught to large groups and online (these are offered in Project Pollyanna). 

Restoration Program:

  • Learn how and why you have been manifesting your whole life and change what is no longer working for you
  • Learn to bio-energetically release stress so you can find balance and live up to your true potential
  • Learn processes that include Soul Link™ (a hands-on technique that releases stored trauma) and Awareness in Consciousness
  • Fall in love with who you are on the inside and become Love Living, not just Love Seeking
  • Integrate all parts of who you are on the inside to the point where you recognize yourself in Wholeness
  • Remove the foreign energy connections or control of others
  • Chronologically balance all the emotions and feelings from past memories arriving at now with potentially nothing still bothering you including other than conscious memories
  • Find the life lessons associated with some of your major emotional reactions to life
  • Understand how to use thought to heal
  • Learn how to make your blood flow in growth and regeneration rather than just protection
  • Since thinking is the occupation of life, learn about the New Biology and Science of Epigenetics along with your part in the healing process using thought 

Note: I work with clients in this capacity by request. If interested, email me at: [email protected]


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