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Doctoral Tam

This is the fancy name for the hat you will wear at graduation. Get one now to wear while writing (it's a quick and easy way to let your family know you can't be bothered ;).

Get a Doc Tam
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Quantum Charged Medallion

Reson8 is a Jade Medallion infused with our QSET technology that emits natural frequencies creating a ‘cocoon’ of waves that increases the body’s own energy coherence. Another way I keep my body strong.

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Protection from EMFs

Fortify your body and DNA from unnatural wireless emissions. I have a QCHIP on every electronic device in my home. Bonus: These little stickers last forever.

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Buddha Grove

A family-owned business offering a thought-provoking collection of items and gifts that invigorate the human spirit.

Get Inspired (& 10% off!)
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Master Nasal Breathing Step 1: Nasal Spray

Start here with Xlear nasal spray.

Get Xlear
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Master Nasal Breathing Step 2: Nasal Strips

Not just for people who snore - these suckers will get you taking in much more oxygen at night. Try it.

Get Breathe Right
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Master Nasal Breathing Step 3: LipSeal Tape

OK, it sounds crazy. But LipSeal tape changed my life.

Get Simply Breathe
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Clear with Sound

Clear the energy in your space with this sweet Tibetan singing bowl.

Get the Singing Bowl
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Palo Santo Spray

Deep, earthy, sweet and inspiring scent perfect for cleansing negative energy, meditation, grounding & protection.

Get Palo Spray
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Palo Santo Cones

For those who like the ritual of burning incense, these cones are my favorite! Clear the energy in your space regularly (I do it almost daily!).

Get Palo Santo Cones
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